Local SEO Simplified

Your Go-to Guide to Increasing Visibility, Growing Your Brand & Communicating With Customers More Efficiently.

The Simple Guide To Local SEO:

Improve Your Search Rankings in 5 Weeks!

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Local SEO Simplified is a 5 Week Action Plan That Will Help You Gain More Clients, More Sales, and Improve Website Ranking. The 5-week action plan will benefit you if...

You want to improve your website position

Become the leading authority in your niche!

Focus on tried-and-tested SEO that Work

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You don’t have to struggle with SEO: Get the Local Search marketing help you need.

Here is what's covered in the Local SEO Simplified
5 Week Action Plan.

During the course, you'll learn how to improve your rankings at a local level, with helpful, practical advice that will benefit your website in the long run. If you're new to SEO, then that's fine too! In fact, all the information I provide is clear and concise.

Business Listings

How to use and setup Google My Business - Facebook - Twitter - Yelp and other important business listings - the RIGHT way.

Content Marketing

Create content that your customers will want to read and that will encourage them to come back for more.

Link Building

Build links properly but most importantly safely to see results and learn the best way to use keywords and phrases.

Social Media

How to create social media marketing campaigns to boost sales.

Local Citations

How to conduct Citation Audit and build them the right way.

And Much More...

Become a leading authority in your niche and attract new customers in your local area.

Effective Web Development Solutions

UP-TO-DATE Information.

If you search the web for SEO advice, a lot of the information is out dated and no longer relevant. That's because SEO changes rapidly, especially as search engines like to update the way they display businesses on their results pages. That's why I've made sure all the information in the 5-week action plan is up-to-date and relevant for NOW.

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So what are you waiting for? Do you want to improve your local search rankings in just weeks from now? Then join us on this Local SEO Revolution!